Writer's Block? Watch Some of the "Late Shows" for Hot Topics
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Writer's Block? Watch Some of the "Late Shows" for Hot Topics

How can you write popular articles? How can you make your popular article go viral??

Writing Popular Articles

Sometimes, as writers, we write about a great many topics. There is an abundance of information and opinions to share. However, sometimes our minds draw a blank. Often times we may search for the ideal topic about which to write. Who doesn't want to earn the most money possible on their writing topic(s)? There are many resources available to generate ideas. One popular resource is Google Trends, but what if there is nothing interesting there?

Late Shows

Late Shows, meaning late night shows such as those with hosts David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel, Conan O'Brien, and others, often feature topics of national and international interest as well as hot actors and other celebrities (such as musicians, comics, writers, etc).

If you are searching for a popular topic but are hitting dead ends (or personal disinterest) with Google Trends, try watching the news or some of the late shows. This might be your ticket to a very popular article. What does that mean? More money (and probably more fans, which equals even MORE money) for your traffic generated by such articles.

Write an article while barely even focusing on the television. Tons of topics will spring to mind. Focus on commercials that seem to run every few minutes, topics on the news that get more than a few seconds, jokes featured on the "late shows," and so forth...

Some Popular Topics

At the time this article is being written, some popular topics include: Congressional and Presidential candidates, celebrities in the spotlight (Tebow and other athletes, Tracy Morgan, Drew Carey, Beyonce Knowles, Wayne Brady, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Ashton Kutcher, the Kardashians, and others), the "end of the world" and other prophecies (such as related to Nostradamus, the Mayan calendar, etc), popular movies or the ending of some popular television shows (Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Paranormal Activity, Mission Impossible, One Life to Live, Planet of the Apes, etc), popular products (such as the Cloud, Mio, Reese's products, vehicles in the spotlight, a new restaurant, etc), and more. Local news is also a good topic, but not an evergreen article topic. Evergreen topics are those which remain popular year after year despite the latest trends, such as great graduation or Christmas presents, healthy recipes, money-saving tips, great resources (for DIY/home improvement, coupon sites/resources or tips and experiences, health information, and generally useful or beneficial information), and so on.

The Next Step

What's the next step? I want to conduct an experiment whereby I will try to make a simple article go viral by spreading to my fans/favorites, friends, and online colleagues by asking them simply to view my newest article and send to 2 contacts, who should, in turn, spread the word by posting the link and/or sending to 2 more colleagues, and so on... Can we try to make each other's articles go viral?? Stay tuned for the results!

How exciting would that be, by the way: to have an article that goes viral? : D

Of course, use your SEO training and techniques and common sense, as well as determination and widespread exposure (meaning SHARE your links with everyone and spread the word on popular websites such as Twitter, Digg, Facebook, and others!

PLEASE SHARE THIS ARTICLE AND SPREAD THE WORD! I will share your article and vote it as well! 

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Comments (19)

yes this is a great tool to get past writers block. I also bought a book called a The Writer's Block by Jason Rekulak. It looks exactly like a square block and gives writers ideas. I have stayed up many nights watching news or story lines from shows to generate my own ideas. Excellent work my friend. I am out of votes today or I would definitely give you one.

Valuable topic and explained well with suggestions for those needing help. I am one of the fortunate ones, I have not ever experienced writer's block.

Revisiting to give you a vote.

I believe the best way to win the writer's blank is to act immediately after we watch, read or listen something inspirational, so the first impression remains as clear as possible. Of course this helps against procrastination. What most writers forget and omit to do is to read other writers' work. By reading what other people write on a subject it is more than certain that our own mind will start working and producing unique and interesting ideas.

very useful information.Thanks.

I love your idea of watching late shows..

Thank you dear Bethany for this post on Blocks. I am a victim of it struggling to survive in writing. Voted up. I hope your affectionate support will promote my writing and bring blessings from God.

Useful info. Thanks for giving us some pointers.

I love that you had so much specific examples - really helped. thanks!

I am doing a complete series on end of the world predictions right now. I have 15 articles already published

Yes, Carol. I have enjoyed reading most of them thus far. Excellent series. I trust you're picking up many page views for them!

great idea!

A well-valued advice Beth, thank you.

What a fun article. Enjoyable from start to finish. Voted!

This is a very good suggestion. Shared.

Bethany, great article (I am just reading today)! I wonder: did your article go viral? I'm going to spread today in the hopes it does. Good luck :)

Some excellent ideas for articles, Bethany. Hadn't thought of any of this. WIll get watching :D

Interesting and useful topic. thanks

Great ideas, thanks Bethany!