The Advantages of a Higher Level Freelance Writer
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The Advantages of a Higher Level Freelance Writer

Learn about how to become a recommened freelance writer on an online writing website and what the advantages are for writing at such a higher level.

What is A Higher Level Writer?

On they are labeled as "Feature" writers. At Associated Content, they are "Featured Contributors". call them "Staff" writers. What are they? They are the best freelance writers of a online publishing website and they are responsible for writing informative articles that are based on a certain topic. They are higher level contributing writers that produce the best content and therefore receive better benefits than a regular contributor.

A higher level writer is one of the chosen writers on an online network who writes on a specific area of personal expertise. They are selectively chosen out of the thousands of writers who contribute to a writing and article publisher. They are tagged out among all the talented writers because of their expertise in their profession and their ability to convey their connoisseurship to an audience.

Writers Area of Expertise

Higher level writers have a special area of expertise that they write about. They write special topics that inspire them within their area of expertise. All higher level writers don't always have to write about a certain area of profession. Some write freely on topics of there choice. But many have distinct fields that they write about for the majority of there content creation.

Produce, Expand, Grow

The whole point of holding the title of a top level writer on any online article publishing website is so that you can produce worthy articles pertaining to the area that you specialize in. The more articles you write that are relevant to your area of expertise, the more exposure and weight you will have as a writer. The more articles you publish shows that you are experienced.


As a higher level writer, you will be solely responsible for producing appropriate writing in your field and delivering quality articles. Just like a regular contributing writer, your articles will be called back for grammar and editing evaluations if the writing contains too many errors. These writers earn more per page views and their work is more likely to be recommended because they are proven and established professionals. The works that you produce as a “higher level writer” can get you plenty of page views because of the title you have; therefore you will receive more revenue.

The Few, The Proud

If you want to become a higher level writer you should clearly state it in your application for an online writing website. Some online publishing sites have direct applications for becoming a featured writer, so you may have to check the website before taking action. If you are already a contributing writer then you should just start writing on a certain area that interest you and in which you have experience in. Then build your body of work and wait for the editors to notice you. They can promote you but you must maintain constant and valuable work and your substance must be strong. If not your writer status may be revoked.

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