Revenue Sharing Writing Sites: Is Triond or Factoidz the Better Paying Site?
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Revenue Sharing Writing Sites: Is Triond or Factoidz the Better Paying Site?

Triond and Factoidz are the leading competitors in freelance writing sites with revenue sharing. Even though their loyal users battle over which is the best, which really IS the best?

During a time when most people are trying to make an extra income, article writing online is growing in popularity.  There are even those who do make a full time or part time income from writing articles online!  When you have the knowledge to share with others, it can be very beneficial to share that with others.  Most writers use revenue sharing writing sites.  What exactly is that? 

A revenue sharing writing site (such as Factoidz and Triond) allow you to post your articles.  They share 30-50% of the revenue that they make off of your articles that you post.  This is generated from Affiliates, Page Views and so on...  Revenue sharing sites are popular since you can keep making income even when you are not active on the site.  As long as your article is viewed, you will keep making money.  So which is better?

Both sites do have their advantages and disadvantages that may appeal to different people.  What works for one person may not work for the other; it is all based on personal opinion and preference. Factoidz and Triond users seem to always battle it out over which of "their" sites iebetter.  These two sites probably are the most leading competitors in this industry.  However, we feel that Factoidz is the better paying site for many reasons.


Factoidz has been around much longer than Triond and has a better reputation on the internet.  This better reputation is due to the application process.  Factoidz requires prospective writers to fill out an application and submit a writing sample.  They require their submissions to be of highest quality as well as a minimum of 400 words.  Since the quality of their articles has to be high, the articles are more enjoyable to read for those searching for topics.  This website does not accept any substandard content and any content below their expectations will be rejected and returned with editors comments.  This does not mean that you cannot repost, you will just have to read the editor's comments and make sure you revise the areas in which the editor believes the article needs work.  

Factoidz pays incredibly well (50% more than other competing sites!), CPM anywhere from $0.50 - $4.00 as well as paying a bonus for submitting your article.  The bonus pays anywhere from $0.33 - $10 per article.  This amount rises as your articles get more views and your writer ranking grows.  If you are a good writer, it is quite easy to make a great base income by just submitting articles!

Once you join you are classified as a member.  You are allowed to submit as many articles as you with, but they must be reviewed before being posted to the site.  After 20 articles and a proven track record of great writing, you can and most likely will be upgraded to staff writer.  Staff writers have a better chance at getting a raise of their submission bonus.  They also can automatically self publish their articles and do not need editor's approval.  With Staff writer status also comes the ability to edit your articles at any time as well as post a small bio at the bottom of your articles.  This is great for building your portfolio and internet writing presence. 


As much as we would love to say otherwise, Triond really was hit by the Panda massacre of earlier this year. The income that was generated in the past was a decent income, but nothing to write home about.  However, ever since the massacre hit, the page views and income has gone way down.  Some writers report a 25% or more decrease in their revenue.  

Triond accepts all types of work including articles, photos, videos, poetry and stories.  They do not reject any submission and allow even substandard or gramatically incorrect work.  This is the key reason Triond is declining.  They have no expectations or requirements for their writers and automatically post the articles on various sites that they host.  

They do not have an application process and therefore they accept everyone and post any types of articles.  Sad to say, Triond's reputation is not being boosted by this method.  Since they do not closely review their work and ask for revisions, it is hard to take this site seriously as a professional site.  Factoidz is regarded in a professional manner because of the quality of their work.  

Triond does pay for page views as well as Google Ad Sense, but they do not promote their articles well.  They depend on their writers for self promotion.  (That is not a bad thing, however they should promote the articles slightly.  Factoidz gets great page views compared to Triond.)

There are many writers who would love Triond to boost their reputation and revamp their business plan, but it does not seem like that will happen anytime soon.  As long as they are notorious for low standards and low quality content, it will be difficult for writers to make an income from that site.  Factoidz, however, promotes their writers, their articles, gets great page views and exposure.  This is why we feel that Factoidz is one of the best revenue sharing writing sites out there.  

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Comments (4)

this is an interesting take on things, I too did a comparison but I submitted it on triond. Both sites have their own advantages and disadvantages.

They definitely do have their advantages and disadvantages. I've seen some people say they haven't been touched by the Google Panda stuff on Triond, but my earnings are drastically lower. While on Factoidz, my earnings are actually higher than they have ever been! So strange. :)

I recently signed up almost a week ago with Factoidz, still no reply. How long is the approval process? I am a Triond writer myself, looking for a way to increase my earnings.

I have been writing for Triond since 6 years but now tiond has lost its charm and earning value... you can read my review about triond on my article A Review About TRIOND by a User Since 6 Years: Make Money Online Writing Articles?