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Freelance Writing & Articles Forum & FAQ

Last answer by sarva k 43 months ago +0 votes:
  I did a whois lookup for this site   here Here i got formatted information. Then i have searched some reviews in Google finally i saw some reviews here i got this message "High Trust Rating.This Site Looks Safe To use." and here  i got 100% web reputation.With these I think it is legit only.If you are s... more
Last answer by Aunty Ann 57 months ago +3 votes:
There are plenty of good writing sites out there for those with expert English and Grammar such as: Constant Content TextBroker Suite101 Elance ODesk Knoji For those who are working on improving their English you'll be able to find starting positions at both: Knoji Triond Hubpages Good luck! more
Last answer by Aunty Ann 57 months ago +0 votes:
Yes, quite a few people have managed to make a decent living by primarily writing online. They need good communication skills, perfect English and accurate grammar to make a decent imcome and a good knowledge of websites in which to promote their skills.  Having a respectable presence in social media, in order to advertise your work, will also help. Knoji, Odesk, Elance, Textbroker, Constan... more
I am a freelance writer and use both my laptop and my PC to write. Will I have to pay for Writing Dynamo twice to have it on both computers? more
Last answer by Julie Scott 59 months ago +0 votes:
My article just passed the fourth week of sitting and waiting. Why is this taking so long? None of the scenarios ourlined above apply to me. I have sent emails and receive no answer to any of them. How do I retrieve my article for publication elsewhere? I need any income generated and right now I'm getting nothing from this article. more
Last answer by Terinah Doba 60 months ago +0 votes:
Simply click the "Write" link on top of this page. You will be redirected to a page where you can choose a website to write about. more
Last answer by LaV 60 months ago +0 votes:
Yes you can earn in Knoji by reviewing a website...Go to your dashboard and in the left side of it you can see a lot of review assignments...just choose and click the one that interest you...then accept it... more
Last answer by Jewel Reny 61 months ago +0 votes:
There are many ways I earn from my writing, I get paid to do blog posts, article writing, creating webpages, I even do some freelance work choosing what I want to do and how much time I spend, (not as much time now that I have mastered article writing, and promotion, but it was a great way to pay the bills in the beginning) making this the perfect choice for many Stay at home mums and dads. I will... more
Last answer by Brinna Blaine 62 months ago +1 votes:
There are two main hashtags used by Knoji writers.  The first is #Knoji and the second one is #BuzzItUp.  Knoji writers often include the hashtag #Review as well as the hashtags that corresspond to their specific topic or subject.  more
Last answer by Brinna Blaine 62 months ago +1 votes:
I only have one affilliate, but I have no problem seeing the affilliate on my dashboard.  As far as I can tell, it's working fine.  more
Last answer by Brinna Blaine 62 months ago +1 votes:
When I requested my first payment from ExpertsColumn, I had the same problem.  It turned out that I hadn't given them my PayPal information so the payment was automatically rejected.  This could be your problem as well.  Check to see that your PayPal or Moneybookers information is correct, then try the payment request again.  It should go through just fine.  If not, try ta... more
Last answer by Sam Wheeler 63 months ago +0 votes:
I am assuming that you are relatively new to Knoji and your dashboard was still not available to you at the time you wrote this question. Looking at your profile, it seems that you already have a published article so I hope this issue is already resolved. Anyway, something like this happened to me when I was starting. I didn't know where the article I wrote went. But as soon as it got published, ... more
Last answer by Amanda Wilkins 63 months ago +0 votes:
I write non fiction. I have had four books published on non fictional subjects and I really enjoy that because I like doing the research necessary to get my facts write. I particularly like writing about tennis because I am passionate about the sport and if I could I would write about that all the time. I have tried writing fiction and have completed a novel,I have also written plays and hold a ... more
Last answer by Linda Smith 64 months ago +1 votes:
According to Knoji, "Yes, you retain full copyright ownership over your work"/.  Now try to post it elsewhere, or even remove it from this site, and see what happens.  You can't .  We are not selling our articles per say such as Constant Content, and other sites. In fact, on Hub pages if I choose to unpublish my article, then repost it I can do so because I own my work. more
Last answer by Kimberly Martin 64 months ago +0 votes:
I've been writing for London Brokers for over a year. They are a ghost writing agency that pays up front. Most of the articles require two additional spins. This drives me absolutely freaking crazy, but the pay and technical/moral support are superb.  Yes, I know, spinning is the work of the devil. When I need quick cash on a Tuesday or Friday, I get over that real quick. more
Last answer by Rena Sherwood 65 months ago +0 votes:
Real Writing Jobs compares poorly against online bidding sites like Elance or Odesk.  Bidding sites allows a free membership.  Real Writing Jobs does not.  Why pay for what you can get free?  There are no guarentees for work from any writing site.  There are far too many factors that are out of control of a job writing site. If you are looking for quick writing work that ... more
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