Making Money with Your Writing
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Making Money with Your Writing

Many people want to know how to earn money online. Writing articles and blogging are just a small way to earn with the internet. Even if you can't write you can use a blog to make money by getting involved in ad selling. Use your knowledge to earn decent money by writing e-books and how-to articles.

Many of us have dreamed of making our millions with our skills as a writer.  The problem is how we filter out the “junk sites” that are more after our millions than helping us make them.  It is usually a trial and error type of treasure hunt.  One of the very first things that should be decided is how, not where, we want to write.  There are many ways to earn with words; these ways range from blogging to fiction writing.  It is recommended to start slowly and work your way towards the fiction writing; or write it while you do the smaller writing.

Blog writing is one very small piece of the online pie, but has so many avenues that it is the most likely way to start.  You could start your own blog and charge for advertising, use AdSense or other CPM, or write paid reviews.  Another way to use blogs for getting started with your writing is to “ghost blog,” or write blog entries for blog owners who pay you for your material. Still a third way is to write sponsored reviews. These are reviews of products or sites that the owner pays you to write.

In addition to blog writing, you could write articles either off the top of your head and submit them to online article repositories; or you could join an article writing site that actually guides you by telling you exactly what the client is requesting as far as keywords, SEO, topic and more. These sites usually pay a predetermined about paid on a “per article” basis.

If you have a specific area of expertise you could earn through writing how-to articles or even e-books.  There are a few sites on the internet that are specifically looking for how-to writers to share their expertise.  You could write an e-book and sell it on Amazon or other sites if you have a great idea for a book showing others how to do something (such as how to write an e-book).

Yet another way to earn with your words is writing essays, scholarship essays, or college entrance essays.  There are many students out there who are not as good at writing and are willing to pay you to write that perfect essay to get them into their dream college or gain that necessary scholarship for them. There are sites online that cater specifically to this type of writing.

If you want to use your writing skills online there is a never ending supply of ways to achieve this. Whether you like writing books, blogs, or teaching others how to do something there is something out there for you.  You just have to choose which site is the best for you and which avenue it is that you will have the most success with.  Some will find instant success while others will have to try many different ways to achieve theirs; but if you are good at writing and persistent you should be able to succeed.

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Comments (2)

I agree with your clear points of view on how to make money as on online writer. Sharing your knowledge and passion with the online community is the safest path to online writing success. If you keep writing little pieces every single day, the end product of your labor will be the same as if you had written a full book at first place.