Knoji a Knowledge Network Helping Searchers Find Answers
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Knoji a Knowledge Network Helping Searchers Find Answers

Get a little Knoji for your Knoodle. An old knowledge based site (Factoidz) has been reworked into a new knowledge site that has a fresh clean look and a new name. That site is the Knoji Knowledge Network, or just Knoji for short, and the writers are cranking away to bring interesting and helpful knowledge based articles to the internet community.

Knoji should not be confused with Konji (or congee), a rice dish in Bangladesh, or Konji the Slovenian web page about horses nor the African term for…uh… well, I will just skip that one. Nor should it be confused with Konjiki no Gash Bell, an Anime or Magna character. I have found many instances of Konji with different meanings but this new Knowledge network is KNOJI. Think of “Kno” as in Knowledge.

Knoji is a great way to gather information for whatever topic you are researching. The Knoji article topics and categories range from tech articles and DIY repairs to parenting and spirituality.  Knoji has over 30 categories starting with “Beauty” and ending with “Wellness”. Need to know about the latest and greatest Mobile Apps – there is a category for that. Want to know how to teach your kids to be polite – check out the parenting category. Visit Knoji and browse through the categories. Each category, by the way, has several sub-categories so you can narrow down your search even more.

Feel free to just browse the Knoji network or select a category to browse or even ask a specific question. Our category experts will take a look at your question and give the best answers from their knowledge base and experience. You can post additional comments and flesh out the question as you interact with the experts.

After selecting a category, you will be redirected to that category page and the Q&A’s will be the first thing you see. You can stay with the “Q&A” tab or select the “Articles” tab to see what has been written on the topic at hand. You may also want to select the “Reviews” or “Deals” tab to see if there are any promotional deals or coupons running on a product you may want to try. It is also easy to navigate through a topic with the left and right side bars.

The writers at Knoji want to share their knowledge with you. There are thousands of articles to search to get a little Knowledge for your noodle or rather a little Knoji for your Knoodle.  Then you can say “Ji, I didn’t Kno that, thanks!”

If you want to write for Knoji you can apply to be a Knoji writer and earn extra income at home. It doesn’t cost you a thing and it is easy to apply.

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Comments (6)

Good reporting -- tweeted.

Well done.  Tweeted.

Thank you ladies. I am beginning to get more comfortable with the new process. 

Interesting article introducing the new name to this site.

I like how you say to remember "kno" for "knowledge." Excellent write up.

Very well done!  Good job...