I Love Writing for Factoidz
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I Love Writing for Factoidz

Writing for factoidz is a very rewarding experience.

As of June 2009 I will have been writing for Factoidz.com for 3 years. After all this time I have seen my writing evolve and through the helpful hints and guides on Factoidz I think I have become a more objective and skillful writer than I was 3 years ago. I have learned from other writers and have also learned how to be brief and to the point, hitting the key points on my subject matter and in the end I think my research skills are always improving.

After you become a staff writer you find the editing feature is a wonderful tool. I am always going back and updating old articles. Not only that but 9 times out of 10, after I have published, I find spelling or grammatical errors that I hadn’t noticed before. It never hurts to go back and fix old articles and some of the new features have made it easier than ever to embed videos and links as well as photos to make your articles look far more polished. The editing feature makes it easy to go back and tweak simple things to improve your articles appearance. And as with anything in the information age, things are always changing, so the editing feature makes it really easy to update your articles and keep readers abreast of what is current.

Another great advantage, one I particularly love, is the freedom to write about subjects that I am passionate about. I can pick and choose a wide variety of subjects that are easy for me to relate to and that really makes the literary juices get flowing. I can write about any subject matter, so long as it’s based around fact, and they allow enough subjective leeway that I can express my opinions, although as writers we are supposed to be objective. Sometimes a person feels so strongly about a subject that you can’t help but put some opinion or other in there and you won’t get your hand slapped. 

There is nothing so rewarding as seeing your articles on the New & Popular, Just Published and Most Votes sections. It tells you that the readers and writers of Factoidz are enjoying your articles and are making an impression. There is also the bonuses for picking up product reviews and product comparisons which pay higher as well as the article assignments which can help to push your revenue up. If you are stumped for a subject looking through these can sometimes help you come up with ideas if your having a case of writers block.

The real time stats are really helpful in gauging which articles are doing well and help you to pinpoint articles that people are interested in, what's working and what isn't. I'm always amazed when stats come in on articles I wrote clear back at the beginning. One of my very first articles is still one of my best money makers, not because it's older but because of the subject matter, it consistently brings me income every month. At the end of the day your writing skills will improve, your researching skills will improve and your check book will improve. The big plusses are you can write about just about anything you want, when you want and earn a little spending money doing it. What could be better?

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Comments (7)

Very well done. Where is the "most votes" section? voted and promoted

I agree

Very well written..

Well done Jaz! So happy to see the positive impact Factoidz has had for you and your writing career!

Same feelings...I enjoy writing too for factoidz... Thanks for the share!

I am so glad to have found Factoidz and am now a follower and voted up this great article!

Thank you so much for the feedback. I really appreciate it very much! Peace...Jaz