How to Succeed With Demand Studios: Part 3 The DS Article Title
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How to Succeed With Demand Studios: Part 3 The DS Article Title

The article written for Demand Studios must fulfill the article title's intent. It is the writer's responsibility to determine the title's intent.

What goes into creating article tittles for Demand Studio writers to choose from? A great deal of time, money, and research go into the creation of every tittle found on the list of tittles writers can select from. As I write this, there are over 4,100 article tittles on the list of tittles that a writer may select from. New titles are added daily to the list of tittle the writer may select from. Tittle Editors create each tittle with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in mind. The tittles are also created based on the subject’s people search for the most on the Internet. The way a tittle is worded determines how the article will be ranked on search engines and in article indexes. The way an article ranks on search engines and in article indexes is of the utmost interests to Demand Studio’s clients because it determines how many visitors the client’s site will get. Some of DS’s clients are, to name just a few: USA Today, You Tube, Golf,,,, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, and many more. What are this means for you, the writer, is that you must write to the title if you are to succeed as a writer for Demand Studios.

You Must Determine the Title’s Intent

When selecting titles to write to, select those titles that fall within your areas of expertise because your expert knowledge will go a long way in helping you determine the title’s intent. If your approach to the article that you have written and uploaded to DS, fulfills the intent of the title, the CE (Copy Editor) should accept your approach.

Tips for Determining a Title’s Intent

Look to the Publisher When Determining Title Intent.

When you go to the DS “Find Assignments” page and click on the find assignment tab, each listing not only tells you the article’s title, it provides you with a wealth of other information. Each article listing tells you how much DS will pay you for the article upon acceptance, it tells you who the publisher will be, it tells you the type of article that DS expects to get from you, and the listing tells you the category the article must fall into

In this example, “DIY: Grid Dip Meter,” which is an actual title listing on the DS site, you see that it pays $15, you see that the publisher will be eHow, you see that it must follow the DS how-to format, and you will see that it falls into the electrical category. If your area of expertise lay within the fields of electricity and electronics, as my fields of expertise do, you would interpret the intent of this as follows: a how-to article instructing the reader in how to build his or her own grid dip meter is being called for. The DIY acronym for Do-It-Yourself will tell me that the reader wants to know how to build his own grid dip meter as opposed to instruction on how to use a commercially available grid dip meter.

A Title with More Than one Valid Interpretation of Intent

There will be times when, based on your expertise, you determine that there is more than one way to interpret the intent of a title. When this situation arises, you must ascertain the most popular interpretation of the title intent by Googling the full title. Use the most overwhelming interpretation of intent. If the search results split on two or more interpretations of intent, use the one the best fits the title as a guideline. If Googling does not provide you with a clear direction to take, contact DS for a title clarification before you write the article or do not write the article at all. I will explain how to get title verification from DS in an upcoming part of this series.

Next Up

In the next installment, I will talk about bad titles, titles in the wrong format, titles in the wrong category, and titles in the wrong destination site, and how to handle those situation so that you and Demand Studios both profit from the situation.

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Excellent guide on writing online articles, Jerry.

Learned much in this article about choosing a title in DS.Thanks.

Very good guidelines, thanks Jerry.

Thanks for your clarity.

Still following on this series..

Very good.

I can certainly see how you are so successful in writing for DS.You have shared your wisdom well here.