How to Increase Earning Potential As a Freelance Writer on the Internet
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How to Increase Earning Potential As a Freelance Writer on the Internet

Freelance writing on the internet can be much harder work than people think. People often start expecting to make huge amounts of money, only to be met with disappointment. However, there are a few steps that freelance writers can take to increase their earning potential. Here are some ideas on how this can be achieved.

Freelance writing can be enjoyable, but it is also hard work. There is a mistaken belief that you can throw together a few articles, publish them on the internet and then these will earn you a tidy income. However, the reality is much different. Freelance writing requires a commitment to work hard, not give up and to persevere even in the face of adversity. In spite of the negatives, it is possible to make an income by writing articles for the internet if you are willing to put in the hard work, and you are patient enough to build up a portfolio that will earn you a residual income. Here are a few tips on how to increase your earning potential with freelance writing.

Keep Writing

The temptation can be to keep checking how many views your articles are getting and seeing how much money they have made you. While knowing if the topics you are writing about are getting views is important so that you know which topics have earning potential for you, your time will be much better spent writing more articles. If you are only earning $1-2 per article and you only write one article a day, then you will only earn $1-2. If, on the other hand, you write ten articles a day, you will be earning $10-20 per day. Also, the more articles you have published, the greater your potential to earn a residual or passive income.

Don’t Give Up

Sometimes, people start out freelance writing, write a few articles, earn a few dollars and hope that the residual income will keep them going. When they realise that they have actually only earned a few cents on each article, they give up. Don’t! Once you have many articles out there, they each earn you a little each month. This all adds up. The more you write, the more you earn.

Write for Several Sites

While many people find a site that they like and trust, there are many advantages to writing for more than one site. Over time, the popularity and the SEO ranking of articles published on different sites will vary. Having articles on several sites, as long as they are all unique articles, means that you can take advantage of the trends. Also, it is not uncommon for websites to experience technical difficulties. If you only write for one site, you may find that you are unable to earn money on a particular day because of technical difficulties or site updates. If you write for several sites, you have the option of simply writing for a different site instead. Another point is that different writing sites payout at different times. Some at the beginning of the month, some at the end and some pay out twice monthly. It is nice to know that you will receive payment at various points of the month.

Look for New Opportunities

There are often new sites that are starting up that are worth taking a look at as they present new opportunities for earning money. It can be a mistake to write for one site and never look for additional and exciting opportunities that could potentially earn you more money. If the new site doesn’t work for you, simply don’t write for it again. If you find that it has increased your earnings potential, continue to write for this site.

Promote and Promote Again

To earn any kind of passive or residual income on an article, it is important to promote it well. There are many sites, such as Stumbleupon and Digg that are for the sole purpose of promoting articles. Another option is to post your articles on social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This can greatly increase your views. However, this promotion will give a short burst to your views and your earnings. Therefore, it is important to occasionally go back and promote your articles again to gain fresh views and increase your payments on an article for a second time. As your article gains more views, it’s SEO ranking will increase. This means that it is more likely to continue to get views.

Choose Topics Carefully

Some topics will gain a lot of views, while other topics gain very little. Evaluate your work by looking at the statistics shown on the different writing sites. It should be clear which topics are gaining you the most views and the most earnings. If a topic is popular, keep writing about this subject. Topics that aren’t popular and are not gaining you views and income are not worth continuing to write about.

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Comments (3)

Most people think that online writing is a get rich quick thing, I know I did when I started, but it is work, people need to realize that or they will be discouraged.

Great information, Elizabeth. Constantly looking for other opportunities is important, I agree. With practice and experience, one can obtain well-paying gigs.

I definitely think that people feel that writing online will give them a full time income in a short amount of time but that's just not true.  You really need work and build your brand (sell yourself as a writer) in order to eventually gain that full time income.  People will definitely be discouraged if they jump in thinking they can quit their day job and make a $20-40,000 per year income right away.

Kristin @ Infopoint Virtual Solutions