Health Issues Professional Online Article Writers Might Face
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Health Issues Professional Online Article Writers Might Face

There are a lot of articles online written by people who make a living as online writers. You are most likely reading them, since you are one of them, or have the ambition to become one. Well, this article is just some information on that might happen with your health, if you do not organize your life well if you want to work at home. It is written for writers, mainly those who write online, but might also fit for many with a sitting job that work long hours.

Making money online by writing articles is a fun way to make some income. In some cases it might actually become a day job people make a living with. Yes, your writings might pay the bills, if you work hard enough to build a large earning portfolio, build up your social networks to promote it and most important, also get the right sites that pay you what your job is worth.

But beside the fact that many might not have the qualifications to live from their writing for several reasons, those who do live from their keyboards and make a living writing articles like you find here on Knoji or elsewhere online, like this one here, there also health issues you might consider.

First up: it takes a lot of time to prepare. You need at least a day for proper research on the theme you are writing about. Than you might have inspiration for several articles on it and this also takes time. Keep in mind you really have to be a bulk writer that produces at least 10 good quality articles a day to make a living from it in time.

Now how long it takes to produce a good quality article is dependent on the writer itself. If you manage good English skills and be able to spell and grammar check fast, you might be able to write a 500 word article in half an hour.

So this makes that you are at least 5 hours a day behind the computer by writing alone. Here is where health issues might come in. If you do not mind your health while writing, you might end up spending all you earn from it on doctor bills.

A very important issue is food: are you eating while you are writing? Do you eat at regular times while writing or do you skip a meal for a deadline. If you do that occasionally, no problem, but skipping meals might change your metabolism. When you start eating when you are starved, your body might just pick up more of the food, digest less which means you might gain weight easier.

Getting overweight is surely an health issue for writers, since it is also a sitting job. Even if you eat on regular bases, you might be working with you mouth stuffed and the only body parts moving are you arms typing the text.

So keep in mind that getting up and move from time to time might not be a delay for your work. Bad desk ergonomics might also cause back trouble, shoulder pain, dysfunctional arms, neck trouble and surely those writing at early age or elderly writers might get troubles with the joints. When some extra weight comes in, this will get worse.

Shortly said: you might become a successful bulk writer, with a great portfolio, many views that has a good income from it, but find out at a moment that you might not be able to walk your dog out, to play with your kids, to sit on a normal chair. Seems like you might have imprisoned yourself in your writings.

Also your eyes are focused on the screen for a long time. You need to give them a rest also, to prevent headaches. Opinions vary on the effect on your eyesight, but surely when you see the letters on your screen fade, getting a check up by an optician might not be a luxury.

So mind your health and try to find hobbies and a live beside your writing desk.

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Comments (1)

Great points!  Being immobile is definitely a problem for writers.  I have to make myself get up and move around.