Freelance Writing, Blogging and Affiliate Marketing: Ways to Make Extra Cash
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Freelance Writing, Blogging and Affiliate Marketing: Ways to Make Extra Cash

So you love to write? Did you know that you can actually make some extra cash from freelance writing on topics you love? There are many different ways to grow your income by writing online! Blogging, Affiliate marketing, Freelance writing and more!

If you enjoy and are good at writing articles, it can be a great way to make some money on the side.  There are many online outlets where you can write for some income, but there are decisions you would have to make as well.  One can make money blogging, being an affiliate writer, freelance writing, writing e-books and the list goes on. There are all some examples of ways to make an extra income online by writing.

Freelance writing is one of the most popular ways to write articles and earn some extra cash.  There are many sites that pay up front, but also sites that pay a residual income.  Residual income is income that is paid to you over time.  It accrues by pageviews and/or comments.  Each site is different in the way that they pay residuals.  Which way is better?  It all depends on personal preference. 

Writing articles for sites that pay up front is an option that is usually preferred by writers.  However, there are some disadvantages of that option.  Most sites that pay up front have a system that posts various topics from clients.  They are categorized and put out there for writers to fish through to find what they want to write.  This may not always be the best option for the simple fact that some of the topics may not interest the writer, but something that they would have to do some research on to write.  This is not always the case as there are some sites that pay up front for original articles.

The advantage to residual income would be the income possibilities years down the road.  When a writer first publishes an article on a site that pays residual income, the article may not do too well.  This is completely normal.  It can take a few weeks, months or even a year for the article to start performing well.  That fact is due to Google needing to index the site or article into their searches.  Once that happens, the article can move up in the searches when it's progress grows.  This can mean that your article can still make money and grow in income even 3 or 4 years down the line.  

Of course, most writers take advantage of both of the options.  Amature freelance writers do try to write for as many sites as they can to get the most up front and residual income.  It is smart to have all options available to you and to utilize any and every option that you possibly can as a writer that is just beginning.  It's important to build your article base and your portfolio for future opportunities and clients.

There are also sites in which you have to bid for freelancing jobs.  These sites are difficult since they are pure competition.  Writers bid against each other for the higher paying freelance writing jobs and the client gets to choose who they feel is fit for the job.  Articles on these sites are usually pretty high paying and the money is kept in escrow until the article is published and approved by the client.  Freelancing sites such as this are great too, but I would say that they are for the more intermediate and advanced writers.  One should really have a good base of articles before bidding for freelancing jobs.

Blogging and Sponsored blogging go hand in hand.  There are those who make good money by monetizing their blogs.  They may use Google Adsense, Adwords, they may sell Ad Spaces on their sites and they may write sponsored posts.  Sponsored posts are just that, posts sponsored and paid for by a company that wants the advertisement and publicity.  There are sites specifically made for posting sponsored posts and the sites are good paying as well!  Writers can choose which blog posts they want to write and they can sort through them by price.  Once the advertiser approves the writers post, they get paid the fee that the client is willing to pay.  Bloggers do have to start small writing for just a few dollars, but after a while as your skills grow, the pay will as well.

Affiliate Writing/Marketing is similar to blogging as you would write a post.  Affiliate writers sign up with companies that offer an affiliate program and they advertise the company that they are signed with.  These companies will pay per click, per impression or per purchase.  It is important to read the rules and select the option that you best prefer.  Some affiliates offer all the options and some do not.  The two best options are Pay Per Click and Pay Per Impression.  

But how can you write good topics?

This is where some really get confused.  The internet is full of topics already written, right? Why would someone want to read your article over another like article?  If someone wants an answer, they will read many different articles looking for information that may be different.  Make sure you skim through the articles of the topic you want to write and note the differences in each.  Is there something else you think you can add to their ideas?  Then write the article with your own twist!  

Definitely pick articles that are going to be in demand.  Write about tax season in September, write about Christmas present ideas in July, Write about Valentines Day ideas in November.  Anticipate the season or time you want the article to be popular and write it ahead of time.  Chances are that Google will index your article within the next few months and the views will come to you when the searching is done.  

Use keyword tools (Such as the Google Keyword Tool) to get some SEO keyword ideas.  SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  They are unique keywords that the search engine will pick up when it indexes your site.  When someone searches for your keyword, your article or website will show!  That is how you get the views.  

Just remember that freelancing of any kind is not a "get rich quick" scheme.  It is a way to build your skills and earn some extra cash while you are waiting for your big break.  While not all writers get that big break, higher paying jobs will come to you if you work at your craft.  

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Great article and helpful tips fro amateur writers.

Great information for writing in general. Thank you.Promoted since I am out of votes.