Comparative Review: Factoidz Vs. Helium Vs. Triond
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Comparative Review: Factoidz Vs. Helium Vs. Triond

A comparison of three websites that pay writers- Factoidz, Helium and Triond.

There are many sites that pay for writing articles. Some of the better known sites include Factoidz, Helium and Triond. This is a comparison of the earning potential from each site and the pros and cons of writing for them.

Pay Per Article

Helium makes it clear the amount that you will be paid for each article. Sometimes this is nothing, sometimes it is $1-2 and sometimes for more experienced writers there are larger payouts. The downside is that other people can write to a title and only one person will get paid. This is usually the article of the best quality as voted for by other Helium members, however, this is not always the case.

Factoidz payout rates vary and are dependant upon the average traffic to your articles. However, it is guaranteed that as long as you have adhered to editorial guidelines you will be paid for the article, however nominal the amount. In this sense, Factoidz is good because you know that your efforts will be rewarded.

Triond pays no money for the articles that you write. The only money that you make is from passive income from the views that your articles receive.

Passive Income

Of the three sites, Factoidz seems to gain the most views per article and has a higher pay rate per set number of views than the other two sites. This is helped by the ‘Buzzitup’ feature of Factoidz. This allows you to promote other people’s articles and they I turn promote yours helping you to achieve more views per article and therefore more income. Triond has the lowest pay out rates of the three and you are less likely to gain views when working on this site.


Helium is the only site that has competitions, in which you can earn up to $50. Articles are voted for by other members and the more points you gain, the higher up the ranking tht you go. Articles receive no pay unless you win a place in the competition. However, it is worth doing as the pay rate for coming in third place or above is greater than if you had been writing paid articles for this site.

Triond does not have competitions. However, they occasionally run bonus programmes so that their writers can achieve greater rewards for writing on the site.

Factoidz does not currently hold competitions.

The Social Side

Until recently, Triond had a fantastic forum and was a useful place for writers to discuss their progress and pass on ideas. However, due to administrative comments and the abuse of the system by some members, this has now closed.

Helium allows you to follow people and you can inbox people to comment on their work. However, this site does not aim to be a social networking site for writers.

Again, Factoidz allows its users to comment on articles and to follow each other. There is also a forum that allows both writers of the site and people visiting to ask questions that are then answered by experts.

Additional Rewards

Triond has bonus schemes that run regularly throughout the year. These include increased percentage payouts for writing a greater number of articles, or bonuses for articles that are of quality (voted for by other members).

Helium offers quality writers the opportunity to write to articles that are either only available to them or to a select few writers. Also, for consistently rating the work of other writers, there is a monthly bonus.

Factoidz has several other opportunities that far outweigh those offered by other sites. These include creating contextual back links, writing website reviews and creating comparison reports of products or websites. With bonuses available of up to $20, plus any passive income that you earn from views they receive, this is well worth participating in.

Receiving Payment

Factoidz pays out on the first of the month and there is no minimum payout. As long as you have earned $0.01 you will receive payment.

Helium has to payout days. These are the fifteenth and the last day of each month. The downside is that you have to have earned at least $25 to meet the criteria for payment.

Triond pays out on the tenth of every month. The minimum amount for payment is $0.50.

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Comments (6)

Thanks for a very detailed Review. I now know that Factoidz is the best among the lot. I have written for Helium and have not received any compensation till date.

Excellent comparison of the sites. I have been planning to join Helium, but based on what your shared, I don't think I will. LOL! Anyway, Triond has just closed its forums.

Hi your article is so true, I don't like helium you will trouble your self writing and may or may not win, that's bad thanks, voted up

Great comparison and I used to write for Helium but didn't really like the site.

The main difference between Helium and Factoidz is that Factoidz is not a scam. Helium has a lot of mechanics in place to scam the writer in almost any shape or form. There is a pretty though censorship going on around there, you can randomly get accused of plagiarism if you prove yourself to be a worthy competitor on the marketplace and you will be removed quickly from the site. the RS is also abysmal. My 10 articles in there are yet to generate 2 dollars, even though they match the "quality" requirements. It's best to stay away from Helium.

Must read this post.