Alternative Publishing Sites to Associated Content for Non-U.S Citizens.
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Alternative Publishing Sites to Associated Content for Non-U.S Citizens.

Alternative publishing sites to Associated content for Non-U.S. citizens.

Associated Content became a U.S. only publisher site.

Associated content used to be one of the top online writing sites for people all around the globe, however a couple of years ago Associated content changed that. It became a U.S. only acceptance site, meaning that all those online publishers who had previously been earning an income from the site were suddenly left unable to continue earning residual income from the content that they had published on Associated content.

This was a bit of a blow to those writers who only ever published on Associated content, and this meant that they now had to find alternative sites to write for, and there are very few that have the same appeal as Associated content, especially with the upfront payment feature that they offer.

However, if you take the time to look around the internet, and to read articles from various sources, eventually you will find a publishing site that is right for you. For example, Factoidz, in which this article is published on, is one of the better online content sites around and it is a quality based site that is improving month by month. Not only does Factoidz allow you to publish articles, but they also offer various other tasks such as product comparisons and back-linking assignments. Both of which you can earn extra income from.

A list of alternative sites to Associated content for Non-U.S citizens.


As mentioned earlier on, Factoidz is the very site that I am writing this article on. It is a legitimate site that pays monthly and rewards users who also participate in various other tasks.


This is a site that allows users from around the world to publish written, sound and video content as well as images. This is a legitimate site and it is a good site to consider if you are new to online publishing as Triond has a easy to use platform and is not as strict on the type of content it publishes. By that, I mean that the site also allows you to publish fictional writing, whereas some of the other sites do not. Unfortunately, over the last year or so, Triond has received a very bad reputation for allowing people to submit plagiarized content. Something that is unacceptable to most other online content publishing sites. However, they do seem to be in the process of tackling that problem and slowly the site seems to be on its way to possibly becoming a little more reputable again.


Squidoo is a great site to use, especially if you are creative. Squidoo allows you to create blog type pages, in which you can put your own stamp on. They also have various ways of paying you. You initially will get paid from the content you create itself, however this all depends on the page rank of your page. There are different levels of payment depending on page rank. However the downside is that you won't see any payment for the first three months, but if you are active on the site and continually update your pages, or lens as they are known on Squidoo, you will then start to see payments on a monthly basis.

Another way that Squidoo offers you a way of making money is by adding modules to your pages that allow you to sell items related to your content, from Amazon, eBay and various other places. So if you have a page about a particular hobby, for example card making, you are able to display products on your page from Amazon, and if somebody purchases a product from your page, you get a share of the earnings.


This is what is described as the best alternative to Associated content for European content producers.

It offers a wide range of freelance writing jobs, in various topics. It has an extremely large visitor base, meaning that your content has a good chance of being viewed. This is a site that you have to apply for though, as they have set standards and will try to match your writing style up to the best possible assignments. The submission process requires you to submit a writing sample as well as uploading your curriculum vitae.

Of course there are many more writing opportunities online. You may want to simply create your own blog and monetize it through the use of Google AdSense or something similar.

The one thing that I would always suggest when creating content for online sites, is to keep your options open and to write for more than one site if possible. By this, I don't mean submitting the same piece of writing to various different sites, as some sites will not allow duplicate content and it can also affect the page ranking of your content.

Research SEO, keywords and what people are looking for when they search sites such as Google and Yahoo. This will give you a better chance of succeeding in the online world of content publishing.

Good luck.

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